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Facilitation has become a highly sought-after (and lucrative) skill in the world of work.

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Rev Up Your Business with Agile and Scrum

Agile and Scrum aren't just methods, they're your team's superpowers in today's rapid business rhythm.

They offer:

  • Market Mastery: Quick shifts, always ahead.
  • Lightning Speed: Products out in a flash.
  • Team Magic: Projects that run smooth and fun.
  • Peak Quality: Impress with every deliverable.
  • Team Autonomy: Self-driven, accountable pros.

Embrace Agile and Scrum, see your team's performance skyrocket. Ready to make the move?


What You'll Get From Us

Streamlined Operations

Our comprehensive Agile training ensures seamless integration of Agile principles, reducing project bottlenecks and elevating efficiency.

Empowered Teams

Through our specialized team workshops and coaching, we foster enhanced collaboration, clear communication, and defined roles for a performance-driven environment.

Strategic Advantage

Our tailored Agile transformation strategies equip corporations for faster decision-making and market adaptability, guaranteeing a competitive industry edge.


What They Say About Us

Viki Oxford

Eric Tucker was an awesome trainer. I was impressed with how he used the miro board. I liked the visuals and the format of the content. I got a lot of value out of the break rooms working with others in the class. His prior actual work experience as a Product Owner was valuable in answering questions from others. This class really helped me to understand what I was learning in my new role as product owner. I felt more equipped to be successful as a product owner. I would definitely take another class conducted by Eric.

Julie Schramke

Eric Tucker was a great instructor! He used real life examples to illustrate points. He was kind and respectful to everyone in the class. His visuals were easy to use and manipulate (Miro board). I learned why the Product Owner is crucial to the success of the Scrum Team. I would definitely take another class that he was teaching. Thanks, Eric!

Matt Campbell

Eric Tucker was our teacher and I would give him 10 stars if they’d allow it. The course was very well put together and well communicated throughout the entire course. The teacher was very well spoken and was enjoyable. I would recommend this course to anyone working in a project team.


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What We Can Do For You

Training, Coaching & Consulting Services


Certified Agile & Scrum training for individuals, teams and leadership.

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Optimize team performance, enhance productivity and dynamics.

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Team Coaching

Tailored team coaching for enhanced Agile practices and collaboration.

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Expert coaching for effective Agile scaling and organizational growth.

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Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching for Agile excellence in executive and senior roles.

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On-Demand Courses

Flexible, self-paced Agile learning for personal and professional growth.

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